Rasayana Therapy

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Rasayana aid in increasing natural immunity, enhancing general wellbeing, improving the functioning of all fundamental organs of the body and keep the signs of early aging at bay. The word rasayana is made up of two words: "rasa", which means humor of the body, and "ayana" meaning source, rasayana is therefore regarded as the source of all the body humors. This therapy occupies a prime position in Ayurveda and abides as a distinctive branch that deals with maintaining and ameliorating the body functions, including those of the brain. Rasayanas have been categorized in two basic types:

  • Dravaya Rasayana: his type of rasayana therapy includes some herb and food types that are indeed beneficial for the optimum functioning of the body as well as the brain.
  • Adravya Rasayana: in this type of rasayana therapy there is no conventional use of medicines, only the general rules of living and natural regimen of seasons is to be followed. This therapy works in accordance to the science of naturopathy: man and nature are regarded to be maintaining maximum similarities, therefore, the laws of nature are inherent in human body. This is the basic idea behind the use of rasayana therapy.
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