Sapta Dhatu

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Sapta dhatu are in Ayurveda the seven fundamental principles or elements that support the basic structure and functioning of the body. They consist of:

  • Rasa dhatu (Plasma and Lymph)
  • Rakta dhatu (Blood)
  • Mamsa dhatu (Muscles)
  • Medha dhatu (Fat)
  • Asthi dhatu (Bone)
  • Majja dhatu (Bone marrow)
  • Shukra dhatu (Semen)

The most unique feature of Ayurvedic histology (concept of tissue formation) is that each tissue is formed from the previous tissue in ascending order of complexity. Thus when food is ingested it is digested until, in the small intestines, it becomes a liquid chyme-like material known in Ayurveda as ahara rasa, or food essence. With the help of agni, the digestive fire, this ahara rasa is converted into the firs tissue Rasa dhatu (blood plasma) and then, as each dhatu has its own agni, the next dhatu is formed in sequence.

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