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Soul Healing Dance

At a certain level we can say that all sickness are sickness of the Soul, because we are out of alignment with it, and when we go back in alignment, the healing can start immediately, our body know how to heal itself.
The aim of this course is to get in alignment with our Soul, by removing the obstacles that are in between like physical blockage, emotional blockage and mental blockage. Most of these blockages are coming from limited beliefs and social conditioning that we have married when we were too small to understand, and we never questioned it. In this course we will start to remove these blockages starting from the physical body, because it is more easy to access the body then the mind.
We will get more in contact with our inner part to really feel what is going on in us, and we will become more sensitive by contacting the intelligence of the body and the intelligence of the emotions.
We will quite the mind, put it in the calm state by using guided meditation, move meditations and hypnosis, and when the mind is calm we can really relax and let the body express its beauty and harmony by dancing freely with joy.
We will also use energy work with healing energy.
This course it is not only dance but mainly it is a healing process, helping to heal the part of us that feel stuck. It is a spiritual practice using the body as a spiritual tool.
So we will not only using dance but we will using different combined techniques in order to create synergy to give a boost development, like:

  • YOGA
Every session will be different and will be unique.
We will work on different levels, the physic, emotional, mind and spiritual level. We will have also the possibility to share what is going on inside ourselves for better understanding.
In details, some of the benefits of this course will be:
  • to acquire a better body flexibility
  • to reinforce the individual consciousness by keeping you present in the here and now
  • to dissolve muscular tensions, relieving chronic pains and physical disorders
  • to give vitality to the body and the mind, to harmonise the body with the mind and feel more empowered
  • to connect through the body with the inner power, the contact with the divine within
  • to help to overcome the mind barriers, giving voice to the unconscious mind and the emotions, by dissolving emotional blocks and existential issues
  • to bring peace to the mind
  • to acquire a better self awareness starting from the body
  • to experience sensuality through the body
  • to contact the body‘s intelligence and learn how to listen to it
  • to explore all the different energetic levels and emotional levels
It will be a journey through different sensations and emotions. The course is suitable for all, 18+ advised. Wear comfy clothes. We dance with no shoes and no socks. Bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

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