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Atma and Neo Humanism

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Neohumanism is a holistic philosophical theory elaborated by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar (1921 – 1990) also known by his spiritual name, Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti. With Neohumanism Sarkar redefines both humanity and humanism introducing new concepts that elevate humanism to universalism with the aim to facilitate both individual and collective progress. This philosophy can be defined as a stage beyond the various forms of religious bounded beliefs, it concentrate on spiritual realm focusing at the same time on personal existence, cultivating love for all created beings of this universe, animate and inanimate. Neohumanism prefer existential value over utility value for all living beings, places great emphasis on rationality and encourages what Sarkar calls “protospiritual mentality” a process of continually recognising each object with which we come in contact, externally or internally, as a manifestation of the Supreme Consciousness. In this view, rationality helps to give rise to devotion, the "highest and most valuable treasure of humanity". In Sarkar' view, Neohumanism leads to the liberation of human intellect from the constraints of imposed dogma and psychic complexes helping to bridge the gap between the inner and outer worlds.

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