Giuseppe Glorioso

Born in Italy, resident in Manchester.

Children Yoga teacher course (100 hours) from Ananda Ashram holistic school, Milan (Italy), 2016 - 2017
Intensive yoga teacher course (200 hours) from Ananda Ashram holistic school, Milan (Italy), 2016 - 2017 | Yoga Alliance card Registry ID: 218362
Tantric meditation course (60 hours) from Ananda Ashram holistic school, Milan (Italy), 2007
Lifewings Method® Lifecoach (200 hours) - Lifewing, Milan (Italy) 2008 - 2010
Three years course in the subtle energy field with Lifewings Method® Lifecoach. This method is inspired from the work of Alexander Lowen (disciple of Wilhem Reich) and from John Pierrakos (founder of Bioenergetic), and from the teaching of Barbra Brennan (author of Hands of Light)
Certified NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coaching, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (160 hours) from Psycademy, London (UK) 2011-2012. Two years course in the field of NLP (neuro programming linguistic), coaching, and spiritual practitioner. This course provide tools and methods to help people in their personal and spiritual growth

After working for many years in the corporate environment as a senior manager, Giuseppe became fascinated with self-development and empowerment techniques. He became interested in how to resolve the challenges of emotional, physical and mental blocks that hinder the realization of happiness. This fascination facilitated a journey of self-discovery that led him to learn several tools to help people in their own growth.
He is a yoga teacher, both for adults and children, a dance teacher, a practitioner of alternative medicine, a Life coach (Lifewings Method®) and Certified NLP Master practitioner.
He conducted and created the "Soul dance" course, first in Milan and then in London, and soon in Manchester. It is a type of intuitive dance which allows one to experience spontaneous movement of the body, free from the control of the mind. It is a very innovative type of dance that combines art and beauty with the personal and spiritual growth in a fun and joyful context—it is both art and therapy. He also conducts individual sessions, both physical therapy and life coaching sessions. Giuseppe also helps to resolve either physical, emotional or mental problems, and provides support for spiritual growth.
His core message is aiding the quest of each individual’s own authenticity, which can be achieved once blocks like fear, self-doubt, conditioning, and limited beliefs are removed. Giuseppe is committed to ensuring safe, supportive inclusive environments which facilitate the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of young people. He is dedicated to the self-development and empowerment of young people in order to encourage the healthy development of a new generation.

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