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Yoga, in its true sense, is the unification of the Atman, the unit consciousness, with Paramatman, the supreme consciousness; and the practices developed over millenia to achieve that unification are correctly called Yoga Sadhana. Yoga Sadhana may be called Yoga for short, but it is unfortunate when a few of its practices alone, omitting the higher and more subtle practices, are presented, sometimes for financial gain, as the whole of Yoga. "Performance of a few Asanas will not make one a Yogi." Yoga Sadhana is for all, and is free from all kinds of discrimination. Yoga Sadhana is the strongest foundation, the greatest support and the supreme shelter of everyone's life. Yoga Sadhana is in inextricably linked to the three spheres of human existence - the physical, the psychic and the spiritual. Therefore, Yoga Sadhana is not only physical or physical-psychic; it is also psycho-physical, psychic, psycho-spiritual and purely spiritual.
"Yoga is not an ancient myth buried in oblivion. It is the most valuable inheritance of the present. It is the essential need of today and the culture of tomorrow." -- Swami Satyananda Saraswati
"We fear death because of pain, and because of the thought that we may become obliterated. This idea is erroneous. Jesus showed himself in a physical form to his disciples after his death. Lahiri Mahasaya returned in the flesh the next day after he had entered mahasamadhi. They proved that they were not destroyed." -- Paramahansa Yogananda
"Put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success." -- Sivananda
"The Supreme Consciousness is inside you like butter in milk; churn your mind through meditation and He will appear - you will see that the resplendence of the Supreme Consciousness illumines your whole inner being. He is like a subterranean river in you. Remove the sands of mind and you will find the clear, cool waters within." -- Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

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